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Ian Thompson, recording engineer for over 40 years working with artists such as Erasure, Kate Bush, Mike Oldfield, ELO Part II and owner of White Wolf Recording Studio for over 20 years.




“Firstly, the unit looks the part. The screen printing on the face plate is clean and sharp, the ‘classic look’ knobs are amazing as are the two meters set 90 degrees to each other and the toggle switches are not too big and obtrusive. In use, having used many of the old units, it didn’t disappoint! The controls were smooth and responsive, the toggle switches were very positive and the level meters gave an accurate display. But it’s the sound that counts and that classic sound punched through as soon as the bypass was turned off! Everything was as true to the original as could be with a rich, creamy compression that only these units could give. Running it soft it gently held things in check but still had a hint of that character and really slamming it made the likes of drum overheads open to a room twice the size! In use for mastering, as always, little is best and it did the job and more with every genre of music I hit it with. Christian Holmes has done an amazing job building this unit.

Well Done. Very impressed!”

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