Ordering & Payment

Find the answer to the most common ordering questions

How do I make an order ?

•    Please browse our new Store. You simply ADD TO CART and proceed through checkout. You will be provided with further instructions.
•    Eventually please use the CONTACT form at the CONTACT page where you can explain your interest ????

What are the payment options?

• We accept Paypal or IBAN bank transfer

• Western Union Bank transfer or similar is also an option

Is it possible to order a finished unit?

•    It is possible. Let us know your desires and we will discuss the terms 😉

Product related questions

Find the answer to the most common product questions

What if your product is not in stock?

• Regarding KITs, we make them in rounds, so you might want to reserve one ahead.

• Regarding CASES, some cases are made only per request, don’t wait, ask ????

How come there is no warranty period ?

That is nature of a DIY product. We are offering DIY products (do it yourself). As such we can not offer warranty for something which will be built by you. We do however offer repair or replacement services. Mistakes happen, we are all people. Please visit our Support pages to know more details.

What do I do if my product stop functioning properly immediately after I assembled it ?

We have exact procedure you need to follow. If products are under repair/replacement period, your order confirmation email/delivery note is your proof of purchase/receipt. Please visit our Support pages and read details on how to claim your Repair.

Can I order custom cases, too?

•   Sure, use the CONTACT form to let us know your ideas and we will find a solution for you ????

Can I buy spare parts from you ?

Yes! Contact us through our Contact form in our Support page.

General questions

Find the answer to the most common general questions

What do you guys offer exactly?

•    DIY RACKED is offering great racking solutions for all kind of your DIY audio projects!

•    DR PROJECTS offers a range of various hi end DIY audio KITs with cases + PCBs and more…

•    DR CASES offers racking solutions for a wide collection of many known world wide DIY projects.

What is included in your partial Kits?

•    Generally in our partial KITs you get the CASE + PCBs + PSU.

Do you offer only Front Panels or Full cases?

•    We offer full cases, always! 

Do your cases come with all cut outs?

•    For all cases we make the cut outs also in the back panel

•    XLR cut outs will fit NEUTRIK D series

•    IEC cut outs are made for the IEC with fuse

Do you ship to any country?

•    Yes, we ship worldwide 😉 Shipping price will be calculated when you enter your Address. Shipping is based on “per kg” basis. Simply add to cart, go to checkout, enter your address and see your shipping cost.

Where do you ship from?

•    We ship from EU

Do you offer any support in case of troubleshooting?

•    Absolutely! Our tech guys will help you personally!

How long does a custom production take?

• Our production time is about 3 weeks normally ????

Are you open for a Partnership maybe?

•    Absolutely! If you are a good technician and / or have a project supported with PCBs we can join the efforts and lunch the project together. 

Do you have a newsletter where new announcements are made ?

Yes! Occasionally we send promotion, updates and general info about products to our newsletter subscribers. You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our website or using form below:

I have a complaint, who should I speak to ?

Contact us through our Contact form in our Support page.