670 v.3 CASE


The 670 v.3 CASE is meant to be used with DRIP 670 v.3 PCB. This case can be pre-ordered only.



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670 v.3 CASE

Case designed to be used with DRIP 670 ver.3 PCB

The Fairchild 670 is the granddaddy of all tube-based compressors, and has joined the ranks of the Immortals due to its rarity, price, sophistication, and, above all, sound. Estimates vary as to how many were ever produced – somewhere between five hundred and a thousand – but regardless of original numbers, very few survive today. The remaining Fairchilds that that do live on command an enormous price tag, making them probably the single most expensive piece of mass-produced audio gear. And it all started as DIY in someone’s basement.

DIY Experience level: LOW MID PRO


  • Very fast attack
  • Variable release time
  • Limiter & Compressor
  • 20 vacuum tubes
  • 14 transformers

What we offer:

  • 670 ver.2 CASE





670 v.3 Case - Specifications

This Vari-MU type compressor/limiter delivers an incredible magic touch that makes everything that passes through it shine and sound more musical and emotional, thanks to its tube signal path and gain reduction mode.

  • 9U CASE, 330mm deep, fully vented.
  • Front panel is made according to original 670 design
  • Back panel has punched in standoffs to mount the PCB

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